Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Social Media Friends

The 5000 friends limit on Facebook just isn’t enough in this age of friendaholism!BTW, the correct word  used above should have been  'proportional' and not proportionate.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Najam Sethi and Jemima Khan on Imran Khan

"On 7th Feb Najam Sethi in his show claimed that Imran Khan had married to a Jew girl (Jemima Khan). He was commenting on Fazlur Rehman allegations on Imran Khan as being agent of Jew Lobby.

In response Jemima responded with three tweets today that literally spanked "The Saith out of his Sethi"

- @najamsethi You have always been a critic of IK's (except when you and your wife wanted an invitation to dinner with Princess Diana OBVS)
- FYI @najamsethi Not that it should matter but the Jewish religion goes thro the mother- My father's mother was a French Catholic
- In any case, pathetic & irresponsible that you should use your position to play the race/ religion card & stir up the fanatics @najamsethi

By golly someone would be limping at The Friday Times office tomorrow."